Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group

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Resources and Links


As we discover Resources  we will add them to this page.  Please contact us if you would like to receive updates to these pages and also be connected to other Friends across Australia engaged in this vital work.


Questionnaire report

The report from the Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group questionnaire is available at this link:  

Formal report to AYM on climate questionnaire.pdf


Quaker Organisations and Links


Quakers and Climate Change Worldwide - A portal for Quaker climate action across the globe -

Quaker Earthcare Witness (QEW) - including the Journal "Befriending Creation" -

Quaker United Nations Office (QUNO) - especially their work on their work on the Human impact of Climate Change -

Australian Quaker Earthcare Concerns - while the AYM Earthcare Committee has been laid down for now, the webpage has a range of good resources -


Other Organisations and Links


ARRCC - Australian religious Response to Climate Change -

FEN - Faith Ecology Network -

CANA - Climate Action Network Australia -


Courses and study resources


Responding to Ecological Crisis: Quaker Spiritual Insights 

Woodbrooke has produced a set of study materials using Quaker spiritual insights to help Friends reflect on, and discern their responses to the developing ecological crisis. The online course ran from October to November 2021. The materials do not propose specific solutions or actions. Instead, they aim to help you to reflect on this issue, and discern what spirit-led responses are required at this time.The course materials are available and Meetings can contact the CESEWG to access them.