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AYM Facebook Policy

This Facebook Policy was approved in May 2021.


Quakers Have Joined the National Redress Scheme

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) has joined the National Redress Scheme so people can access redress. 


AYM Child Protection Policy and Procedures 

The core beliefs of the Society require us to treat all people with love and dignity and to care for those who are less powerful and in need of nurture and protection. The Society’s Child Protection Policy and Procedures aim to reduce the risk of abuse to minors occurring, and to ensure that a caring and appropriate response is taken should abuse be alleged to have occurred. The Child Protection Committee supports Regional Meeting Child Protection Contact Friends in carrying out their roles. Australian Friends have adopted the National Principles for Child Safe Organisations.


AYM Safe Quaker Community Policy

Australia Yearly Meeting is committed to a safe, secure, loving and respectful environment for everyone. The Safe Quaker Community Committee has oversight of this Policy which is intended to support Quakers to be a safe, supportive and caring community for young people, vulnerable adults, survivors of abuse, communities and those adults affected by abuse. This policy is applicable to adults and should be read alongside AYM’s Child Protection Policy.


AYM Privacy Policy

We are committed to protecting the privacy of Friends. We request and store the minimum amount of information required to carry out our role, and this information is not made available to a third party, without consent of the individual or organisation, unless required by law. We are bound by the National Privacy Principles as set out in Schedule 3 of The Privacy Act 1988 as amended.