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If you are new to Quakers you will find basic information about our history and beliefsĀ here. Also, our Quaker Learning Australia Committee identifies, creates and offers resources for learning and deepening our spiritual journeys, including the Meeting for Learning retreats.

Other information about Quakers is also available through the links below.

Photo of people at General Meeting, September 1921, Adelaide South Australia
Biographical information about over 1,350 people associated with Quakers in Australia.
Our policies in relation to Child Protection, Safe Quaker Community and Privacy
These helpful resources will tell you about Quakers in Australia.
Friends around the world have developed venues for meeting and learning together. Here is a list of centres hosting learning opportunities, courses, and community activities.
Find out more about our Quakers In World War I Exhibition, as well the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery (Friends in Stitches) panels, which are toured to Quaker meetings and other venues in Australia.
The following sources of funding are available to Friends in Australia: The Thanksgiving Fund , administered by the Thanksgiving...