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Our organisational structure

Image: Bruny Island, Tasmania, Emily Chapman-Searle

Quakers meet together for worship on a regular basis in small Local Meetings or Worshipping Groups throughout Australia and in turn are further organised into a series of Regional Meetings, largely structured along State and Territory lines. Members of a Regional Meeting gather at our Annual Meeting, at which people of all ages meet to consider business brought forward from Regional Meetings and the National Committees, and participate in programs for children and other young people.

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Hartz Mountains, Tasmania, Image credit: Emily Chapman-Searle
At the core of our Quaker organisation is the Worshipping Group or Local Meeting.
Local Meetings and Worshipping Groups are drawn together in a series of Regional Meetings, which are the basic administrative bodies for Quakers in Australia.
Our National Committees are established by and report to our Annual Meeting, and carry out work on behalf of Friends, which reflect Quaker testimonies in the world today.
Silver Wattle Quaker Centre
There are other Quaker organisations in Australia which are linked to us and carry out work on behalf of Friends.
Australian Quakers are part of Friends World Committee for Consultation (FWCC), an affiliation of Friends worldwide, supports Quakers at the United Nations (QUNO) and is a member of Friends Peace Teams.
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