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Australian Publications

If you prefer printed publications you may find the following list helpful. Many of these materials can be found in your local Meeting House library. Some may be purchased online at Quaker Publications.


Australian Journals, Newsletters and Pamphlets

  • The Australian Friend is our quarterly journal which is available online or as a printed version. You can read past issues of the Australian Friend in PDF here
  • Our National Secretary produces a monthly newsletter, which is posted or emailed free to members and regular attenders. To subscribe, contact our national office. 
  • All Regional Meetings also produce monthly newsletters. These are usually displayed in the Meeting House, and some are available online.
  • Various Quaker pamphlets explain aspects of Quaker faith and practice within Australia and are available for browsing or printing out.
  • The Earthcare Invitation Newsletters were produced by the AYM Earthcare Committee from 2015-2020. They were offered as opportunities, aimed at giving us time and space to reflect on the footprints we leave on this earth and how we might walk more mindfully on our land. They continue to be a source of inspiration and reflection.


Australian Publications 

  • Advices and Querie [Australia Yearly Meeting, 2008, 18 pages] contains pieces of wisdom as well as challenging questions on spiritual and temporal issues for us to consider. You can also access a PDF of this document here: Australian Advices and Queries and and you may also purchase copies through Quaker publications. You can see the Advices & Queries here with photos. You can also order Large Print copies of Advices and Queries via Read How you Want (just enter the title in the search box). 
  • Backhouse Lectures are public lectures on contemporary issues delivered annually at the national gathering of Quakers in Australia. Backhouse Lectures from 1964 to the current lecture may be found here. Lectures from 2008-2016 can also be purchased in print form at Quaker Publications.
  • Handbook of Quaker Practice & Procedure in Australia, [7th ed, 2020] describes the organisational framework of the Society in Australia and contains guidelines on the conduct of the component parts of the Society. The Handbook is under continual revision to reflect changes made through decisions by Yearly Meeting. The updated version is available online in PDF form.
  • A Quaker Prayer Life [by David Johnson 2013, 80 pages] draws on early Quaker and other writings, considering Quaker prayer life which arises from daily attention to that of God within.
  • Quakerism – A Mature Religion for Today [David Hodgkin, 1988 24 pages] A concise outline of the relationship of Quakers to mainstream Christian churches as well as inspiration from other faiths, the Quaker Meeting for Worship, prayer and faith in action.
  • This We Can Say  [by the AYM Faith and Practice Committee 2003, 352 pp.] is a compilation of brief writings by around 250 Quakers, chiefly Australian, on their religious life, faith and thought. Copies may be purchased at Quaker Publications.

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