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Learn more about our Quakers in The World War I Exhibition, as well the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery (Friends in Stitches) panels, which are toured to Quaker meetings and other venues in Australia.

The World War I Exhibition

The World War I Exhibition illustrates the experience of Quakers facing the challenges of WW1. It pays tribute to the courage of those people and communities (not just Quakers) who expressed their faith and conviction in opposing war and in working for peace. It highlights the need for our continuing commitment to peace-making and nonviolent resolution of conflicts.

The Exhibition has been displayed at a number of venues, including Yearly Meetings at various sites across Australia, as well as at libraries, churches and festivals in NSW, Victoria, Tasmania, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia since 2014. 

The panels are:

Also included is a Resource Guide: World War 1: Quaker Witness to Peace and Nonviolence

This exhibition was prepared in 2014 by the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in NSW. (Design by ARMEDIA Pty Ltd.)


Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery Project Exhibition

 These panels are being created to illustrate Australian Quaker history and concerns. The Friends in Stitches Committee coordinates the design, stitching and conservation and exhibition of the panels which tour to various Australian Quaker meetings and provide a great source of outreach about the Australian Quaker story.