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National Committees and Working Groups

Image: Coorong, SA, Emily Chapman-Searle

The corporate activity of Friends is mainly undertaken after consideration in Regional Meeting Business Meetings and by our national committees, seeking to discern what the Spirit requires and then bringing important issues to the next Yearly Meeting.

Some Committees are based in a particular Regional Meeting; others consist of individuals around Australia who have particular expertise.

The detailed responsibilities of each Committee are specified in our Handbook of Practice and Procedure, but summaries appear on each Committee page below.

In addition to our national committees there are other organisations closely related to Quakers in Australia. Information about Quaker Service Australia, the Quaker Shop, the Australian Friends Fellowship of Healing, the Silver Wattle Quaker Centre, The Friends School and Werona at Kangaroo Valley can be found on our ‘Related Organisations’ page. Information about the Friends World Committee for Consultation, the Quaker United Nations Offices and Friends Peace Teams can be found on our ‘International Organisations’ page.

If you hover your mouse over each name there is a brief description of the Committee's work, and further information on the linked page.

Information about former National Committees and Working Groups can be found here.