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All Quakers seek to live their lives in accord with a series of values that we refer to as 'testimonies'. Our testimonies are Peace, Truth, Integrity, Equality, Simplicity and Earthcare.

One of the ways we try to live out these testimonies in our daily lives is by identifying concerns —issues of interest and importance in our community and the world–- and then working try to improve the world around us.

If you would like to learn more about the philosophy that informs our concerns, we recommend our publications Advices and Queries and this we can say.

Some of the key concerns that are fundamental to Quakers in Australia are:


Quakers believe peace and social justice are linked, and are fundamental to all the work that we do, and we have been advocating for peace for over 350 years.
Quakers are committed to creating opportunities for First Nations People and non-First Nations People to come together to develop a process of reconciliation.
Quakers worldwide work to ensure that justice and compassion are the guiding principles in the treatment of refugees and asylum seekers.
Quakers seek to develop a culture of caring for the planet, preparing for future generations of living things, and honouring the gifts of sustainable life offered by the earth.
Quaker inclusion of the arts demonstrates the importance of maintaining joy in what we do, and keeping the spiritual in harmony with good works.
Australian Quakers are involved in many campaigns working for peace, justice, earthcare and human rights. Integrity in Public Office...