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FAQ & Spiritual Learning

How can I find out more about Quakers?


How can I talk to Quakers and ask questions about Testimonies, membership, or other matters?

  • Contact the Clerk at or the Web Maintainer at We can arrange an online or in-person meeting.
    • Comments from Armidale Recognised Meeting (November 2021): 'We were very appreciative of the opportunity to feel a sense of community with our wider Quaker family. The honest & humble sharing was a real blessing'; 'As always with Quakers I'm pleased to be in a group that has such people in it'; 'Future occasional Zoom meetings would be a splendid opportunity to widen contact'.


How do I find out about spiritual learning opportunities?

  • We host spiritual learning opportunities. Check the calendar for upcoming events.
    • On 27.11.21 nearly 20 Friends gathered over Zoom for a workshop on Spiritual Nurture. It was much appreciated, and future workshops are planned.
    • On 26.2.22 we gathered over Zoom for a workshop on Having a Spiritual Conversation.
    • A workshop on Travelling in the ministry is planned for later in the year.
  • Regular spiritual learning opportunities (available online) include:
    • First Nations Learning Circle, monthly on first Saturdays at 3.00-4.30 p.m.
    • Creative Spirituality, monthly on last Wednesdays at 8.30-10.00 a.m.
    • Discussions on various topics hosted by Wahroonga Local Meeting, monthly on fourth Sundays after meeting for worship.
    • Contact the Clerk at or the Web Maintainer at for information.
  • Silver Wattle Quaker Centre offers a variety of in-person and online courses.


How can I be more involved?

    You can attend regional meetings for worship for business. These are usually held 6 times per year. Contact the Clerk at for information about the next meeting. Our Quaker process for business is Spirit-led and attending is a wonderful way to learn more about how Friends work as an organisation.

  • You can put your name forward to serve the Society by doing one or more of the tasks involved as Clerk, Treasurer, Nominations Committee member, Pastoral Carer, or in one of our many other volunteer roles. Contact the Clerk at or the Web Maintainer at for information about how to do this. Volunteering is a marvellous way to become involved.
  • You can attend a Yearly Meeting gathering. This is a great way to meet Friends and learn more about what's going on. 


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