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Appointments as at February 2021 

SANTRM Nominations Committee (3 year term – nominated by Local Meetings) 

Inga Tolley (2021), Charles Stevenson (2021), Yarrow Andrew (2021) 

Nominations for a 3year term (brought forward by SANTRM Nominations Committee) confirmed by Regional Meeting 

Co-Clerks: David Barry (2018), Emily Chapman-Searle(2020) 

Treasurer: Lee Harradine (2020) 

Assistant Treasurer: Topsy Evans (2021) 

SANTRM Finance Committee: RM Treasurer, RM Assistant Treasurer, Local Meeting Treasurers and Local Meeting Assistant Treasurers. 

Seal Holders: RM Clerk, RM Treasurer 

Member Contact Group: Kerry O’Regan, Kate Alessia (2016) 

Newsletter Editor: Charles Stevenson (2013) 

SANTRM Web Maintainer: David Evans (2019) 

Grace Geraldine Brown Bequest Committee : Christine James (2018), Peter Webb (2016), Judy Greeves (2016), Topsy Evans(2020), Lee Harradine (Treasurer ex officio) 

SANTRM QSA Linkages Representative: Jo Jordan (2020) 

SANTRM Discretionary Fund: Julie Webb, Elizabeth Magarey, Topsy Evans all (2019) 

Nominations for terms longer than 3 years 

Auditor: John Hodgetts 

Public Officer: Treasurer 

Registering Officers: Gillian McCarthy, Kerry O’Regan 

Membership Secretary: Inga Tolley 

Archivists: The Clerks and Assistant Clerks of ALM, ESLM and SANTRM RM, Charles Stevenson 

Funeral Committee: Charles Stevenson, Jo Jordan, Peter Webb 

QSSANT: Robin Sinclair (Convenor) Topsy Evans, Christine James, Elizabeth Magarey, Jo Jordan, Ann Rees/Roger Keyes, Anne Johnson, Jo Wilmot. 

Child Protection Contacts: Kenise Neill, Yarrow Andrew 

Fellowship of Healing: Barbara True, Beverlie Hopkins 

Yearly Meeting Committee 

Thanksgiving Fund Committee: Christine Collins, Bronte Collins, Robin Sinclair, Charles Stevenson (2019) 

Yearly Meeting Representatives 

SANTRM Standing Committee Representatives: RM Clerk and RM Co-Clerk 

SANTRM representative on Quaker Values Committee (Friends School) (4 year appointment): 

Peter Webb (2020) 

SANTRM Representative on AYM Nominations Committee: Topsy Evans (2018) 

SANTRM Representative on AYM Handbook Revision Committee: Peri Coleman (2021) 

SANTRM Correspondent to AYM Peace and Legislation Committee: Peri Coleman (2019) 

SANTRM Representative on AYM Children and Junior Young Friends Committee: Yarrow Andrew (2019) 

SANTRM Representative on Quaker Learning Australia: Julie Webb (2019) 

SANTRM Representative for AYM Safe Quaker Community Committee: Diana Campbell, Matthew Lycos (2019) 

SANTRM Correspondent for AYM Indigenous Concerns Committee: Harald Ehmann (2010), Kenise Neill (2021) 

FWCC and AWPS Correspondent: Joelle Nininahazwe (2021) 

AYM Working Group on Child Protection: Yarrow Andrew (2020) 

AYM Young Friends Committee: Joelle Nininahazwe (2020) 

AYM Children and Junior Young Friends Committee: Restina Nininahazwe (2020) 

Representatives to other organisations 

SANTRM Representatives on South Australian Council of Churches (up to 3 positions): Jenny Stock (2019), Jo Jordan (2019) 

West Terrace Cemetery Community Consultative Committee: Jenny Stock (2019)

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