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Call for a Just Peace

It is with a deep sense of responsibility that we address this call entitled

To all who care for humanity’s and the planet’s future.

The call, prepared by the undersigned, has been endorsed by 38 exceptional voices of civil society, drawn from every continent and a wide array of nationalities. They include many notable commentators and interpreters of our current predicament

The call reflects the profound concern of people everywhere about the perilous situation we presently face. The conflict in Ukraine, tensions over Taiwan, and leaders trading insults and beating the drums of war have brought home as never before the risks of nuclear catastrophe.

The call points to the underlying causes of these crises, in particular the pursuit of power and dominance and the folly of brinkmanship. We offer specific solutions to the present crises. More importantly, we articulate the fundamental principles that hold the key to a just peace and understanding among nations and peoples.

We have shared our concerns and proposals with the U.N Secretary General, as well as with leaders involved directly in the Ukraine and Taiwan crises, including Presidents Biden, Putin and Xi Jinping as well as and with those who are trying or could try to mediate.

The call is now open for public endorsement by individuals as well as groups and organisations anywhere in the world.  We invite you to have a close look at the text which you can access via the website:

Download complete State by clicking HERE.

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Friday, 4 November 2022 - 12:26am