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Alliance Against Political Prosecutions - Assange, Boyle & McBride

ALLIANCE AGAINST POLITICAL PROSECUTIONS holds lunchtime pickets every Tuesday rt.

  • Our Tuesday lunchtime pickets for Julian Assange and Richard Boyle and David McBride are continuing at 12.30pm at 1-3 National Cct, Barton, outside the AGs and PM&C departments. We stay for no more than an hour.  You can join us for as short or long as you like. We need to keep the pressure up for these people suffering from unjust prosecutions. Tuesday afternoon pickets are being held in Adelaide outside Senator Wong’s office at 19 Gouger Street, Adelaide at 4.30pm.

The Alliance also invites you to take another action in Support of Julian Assange:

Please write to PM Albanese (paper copy is best, to Parliament House, Canberra 2600), asking him what he is doing for Assange. It’s fine for him to spruik about ‘quiet diplomacy’, but at some stage, like now, there needs to be some evidence that he is making efforts to secure Julian’s freedom.

Canberra & Region Quakers regularly join the Alliance Against Political Prosecutions in support of all truth tellers unjustly being prosecuted.

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Saturday, 5 November 2022 - 1:34pm