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FWCC World Plenary Meeting 5-12 August 2024

In 2024 FWCC will host the first World Plenary Meeting for nearly nine years. All Yearly Meetings and Quaker bodies associated with FWCC are invited to send nominees.

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about the event which will regularly be updated. If you have a further question, clarification or correction please email  

What is the FWCC World Plenary Meeting?

The FWCC World Plenary Meeting (WPM) is a meeting for representatives from all four FWCC Sections to undertake FWCC business, surrounded by worship and fellowship with Friends from around the world. All Yearly Meetings and other bodies associated with FWCC are invited to send nominees, and individuals are welcome as well.

When is the World Plenary Meeting? 

5-12 August 2024.

Why do we have a World Plenary Meeting?

FWCC began in 1937, following a world conference, and has periodically held them ever since. Some decisions can only be made by the International Representatives Meeting of FWCC – the World Plenary.

While the business is essential, there is much more to a Plenary Meeting. Past participants have often referred to the experience as transformational, because dialogue and worship with Friends from different countries and traditions has a tendency to strengthen all in the faith.

Where will the FWCC World Plenary Meeting take place?

The venue for the 2024 World Plenary Meeting will be in Gauteng province, around an hour from Johannesburg in South Africa. It will also be possible to take part as an online participant from where you are, either individually or with others gathered together in the same place joining through a single internet connection. 

The event is hosted by Southern Africa Yearly Meeting, which brings together Friends and Quaker Meetings in Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia, South Africa, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

What is the theme of the World Plenary Meeting?

The theme of the event is “Living the Spirit of Ubuntu: Responding with hope to God’s call to care for creation and one-another”. Strongly echoing the ‘Golden Rule’ (Love your neighbour as yourself), the Zulu word ubuntu refers to the deeply held belief, morality and custom that every person is worthy of being recognised, respected and heard, and that we as human beings are all interdependent. 

It implies a collective responsibility to ensure that all members of the community have the means of subsistence and learning and participation. It further extends to care for the environment, since people are part of the same divinely given creation that is an interdependent whole.

How much does it cost to attend the World Plenary Meeting? 

The base-fee for in-person participants from Meetings and Friends Churches in Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand is $1300, which is approximately ‘cost price’ for the accommodation, food, and conference costs.

The base-fee for participants from Meetings and Friends Churches in Africa, Latin America, the Middle East and Asia is $130, subsidised by FWCC. There are also places for under 35s from any country at $130. Day tickets are $13 a day.

These are described as ‘base-fees’ because places are ‘pay as led’ with these as minimums, so if you or your Quaker group is able to pay more you will be invited to do so. 

Online places have a recommended fee of $130 in High Income countries and $13 in low income countries.

Do I need to be nominated by my Yearly Meeting to attend the World Plenary Meeting in person?

Every yearly meeting in the world is encouraged to send at least two nominated representatives: one in-person, one online. To use a ‘Yearly Meeting Nominee’ place you must be nominated by your Yearly Meeting, and will be asked for the minute and a contact email address in the application form. The invoice will then be sent to your Yearly Meeting treasurer. Your place will be confirmed when it is paid. 

In addition to this however there are 100 in person-places designated as ‘open places’, open to Friends travelling on behalf of monthly meetings, area meetings, worship groups, local or village meetings, sections, other Quaker groups and yearly meetings sending a number of representatives, as well as individuals. 50 of these will be subsidised and half will be cost price (see above). To use an open place you will need to fill in the online application form.  

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