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The 58th Annual James Backhouse Lecture

The 58th Annual James Backhouse Lecture

How My 2009 Viral Video Transformed My Perspective on Quakers, the Internet, and What’s Next

presented by Jon Watts

Tuesday 4 July at 7pm AEDT


Jon Watts is a Quaker songwriter and multimedia artist. As a songwriter, Jon has toured the world sharing stories of the Early Friends and his own spiritual journey growing up Quaker in Virginia and attending the Quaker Leadership Scholars Program at Guilford College.

Jon’s unique success promoting his music in the early days of Youtube led him to found the QuakerSpeak project, for which he spent six years traveling, interviewing Friends, and publishing a video every week. In 2021, Jon embarked on a new journey: envisioning a future for Friends and online media.

Jon Watts is a member of Central Philadelphia Monthly Meeting, which holds his ministry under its care. He lives in Germantown, where he enjoys hiking in the Wissahickon with his fiancé and recording music in his home studio.

The Lecture will be presented at The Friends' School via Zoom. Jon will be hosted by Hobart Friends, and following the Lecture will be travelling to visit Friends in various areas of the country.

The Zoom details for the Backhouse Lecture presentation are:

Zoom Meeting link:  
Meeting ID: 846 1166 8562
Passcode: 249421

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