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Image: Cradle Mountain National Park, Tasmania, Emily Chapman-Searle

We welcome your donations.

Your financial support helps us to continue our work. If you are a member or attender at one of our Meetings in Australia you can donate by contacting the clerk or treasurer, but anyone is welcome to donate in the way set out below if you wish.

If you would like to donate to Australian Friends please complete the form below.


Bequests are an important source of income for carrying on the Society’s work. Friends may direct bequests in their Wills to go to their Local or Regional Meeting, to a specific AYM fund (see the Fund list below) or to specific AYM committees. If it is intended that a Regional or Local Meeting or a specific committee should administer the bequest, the Will needs to refer to that Meeting or committee by its full name. Gifts bequeathed simply to ‘The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) in Australia Incorporated’ go to the AYM Thanksgiving Fund. 

Please contact the AYM Secretary for further information on how to go about this.

Other ways to give

Each of the Regional Meetings and some Meetings For Worship have Funds (see the Fund List below) to which you can donate, as well as Quaker Service Australia.

Funds of Australia Yearly Meeting

  • The First Nations Peoples Concerns Fund

supports opportunities for FNP and non-FNP Australians to come together to develop a process of reconciliation if they choose to follow this course.

  • The Peace & Social Justice Fund 

provides financial support to individuals and committees to implement our concerns for peace and social justice.

  • The Earthcare Fund 

helps to contribute to a vision of a peaceful and sustainable Australia and envisage a better world for our children; one in which the Quaker Testimonies of Peace, Simplicity, Equality, Community, Integrity and Earthcare flourish.

  • The Thanksgiving Fund  

is directed primarily towards helping Friends to undertake activities on behalf of the Society and its concerns

  • The Quaker Learning Australia Fund 

provides resources for learning and deepening our spiritual journeys, including the Meeting for Learning retreats.

  • The Friends in Stitches Fund 

assists with the Australian Quaker Narrative Embroidery Project, which has oversight for the creation, care and exhibition of hand-stitched panels depicting the history of Australian Quakers.


If you wish for your contribution to go to a particular fund or funds, please tell us.