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Applying for a grant

Applying for a grant

To apply for a grant from the Thanksgiving Fund you will need to: 

Complete the Thanksgiving Fund grant application form which gives a written outline of the proposal and the funds sought.  You are encouraged to provide relevant background material to accompany the application, e.g. biographical notes about the people involved or the proposed publication.

Gain a minute of endorsement for the grant application from:

  • your Local Meeting
  • your Regional Meeting
  • Australia Yearly Meeting
  • Standing Committee or 
  • an Australia Yearly Meeting committee.

(The body providing the minute of endorsement in support of the proposal is expected to complete a thorough investigation of the project proposal from several points of view, notably that of Friends’ testimonies, along with a commitment to provide ongoing support if the grant is awarded. A Clearness Meeting might be useful.)

Steps in the processing of applications:

  1. The applicant submits the completed Thanksgiving Fund grant application form and supporting documentation to the Thanksgiving Fund Committee well in advance of requiring the funds for the proposal. (
  2. The committee may interview the applicant and/or ask for more written information about the application for funding.
  3. The committee makes a decision as soon as practicable, and not more than four months from the date on which the application was lodged.