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AYM will connect with the wider Quaker World over dinner at YM

At YM22, on Monday 4th July, there will an opportunity for Australian Friends to explore the wider Quaker world over (or after) dinner.

You are invited to come along for 7 p.m. AEST and to BYO dinner if you wish (or to eat earlier if you prefer). We hope that you will eat something international and/or dress in a way that reflects something other than AYM. 

Plans are still being formulated.  How might you/your POD do this event??

  • Do you have an upper body garment to represent another country? Or a branch of Friends? (You have 2 months to find/create a !!!)
  • Will we ask for a menu from your home or POD?? And the recipes??
  • Will we suggest appropriate menu/s? With recipes?
  • Will you decide to patronise a local international take-away establishment? OR
  • Please send other suggestions to between now and mid-June. 

This is a participatory evening.  It will include some info about the AYM Quaker World Connections Committee.  You will hear from some Friends beyond AYM.  And possibly we will share a taste of some of the coming Share and Tell offerings.

We hope to interact with Friends from other Yearly Meetings, getting to know more about how Quaker faith and practice prospers in diverse places.

Friends who are involved in International Quaker activities are encouraged to contact QWCC (email as above) – especially if you’d like to share over dinner.

We look forward to an exciting event at YM22.

Julie Walpole (outgoing Convener) and Sue Ennis (incoming Convener)

Quaker World Connections Committee

(a committee of Australia Yearly Meeting)

P.S. One Pod group are talking about buying food from the Afghan group that their meeting supports.

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