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Online Meeting with Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group

"The land of Australia is not our possession. We are no more than temporary guardians of it; neither the first nor, probably, the last. In the brief time of European settlement, vast areas of this country have been damaged. Do you try to live in harmony with the land, knowing that you are part of it? Do you protect and husband its water and other resources? Do you look with respect on the claims and rights of others to share in the wealth and freedoms of Australians?"- Advices & Queries, No. 46

Friends are invited to a 90-minute online meeting on Sunday, January 29, at 4pm AEDT with the Climate Emergency and Species Extinction Working Group of Australia Yearly Meeting. In our time together, you'll hear a brief report on the recent activities of the working group, then have opportunities in breakout rooms to share how you and Friends in your meeting are responding to the climate emergency. Let's learn from one another and offer mutual support across Australia.

To register and receive the Zoom link, please fill out this very short form:

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